Global News Europe News 02/24/2015

Tanaka Europe will move.

From 20 March 2015 our office will be at this address:


Kirchnerstrasse 6-8


Save the Date: 21-24.10.2014

Sterilization filters used to expand applications to pharmaceuticals with low heat tolerance

Applications Open on September 1. Grants up to 5 Million Yen.

Simple, fast and inexpensive tests made possible by colloidal gold are expected to assist prevention...

TANAKA and MEMS CORE Conclude Joint Development Agreement and Commit to Technology Alliance ...

Realizing the same stability and productivity as with conventional solutions. No highly toxic...


Mechanical strength 80% higher, maintaining strength at high temperatures, supporting high heat...

Submicron Gold Particle Micro-composite Pattern Printing Technology on December 4

Europe News 12/05/2013

Launch of Corporate Website

Tanaka Precious Metals Europe has launched its corporate website.





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