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Catalysts for PEM Fuel Cells (PEFCs): Platinum, Pt-Co and Pt-Ru alloys on Carbon

Our catalysts enable pollution-free, safe, lightweight power generation systems.

PEFCs provide high levels of power yet are small and light. They have become the focus of attention predominantly in connection with fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) and portable home power sources. There are high expectations for a new and environmentally-friendly power source utilizing the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. We have combined precious metal catalyst technology and electrochemical technology, both developed over long years of research, to successfully develop highly activated catalysts for cathode and CO-tolerant catalysts for anode of PEFC.

Standard Pt Catalyst

Product namePt content (wt%)Carbon support
TEC10E40E40High surface area carbon
TEC10E50E50High surface area carbon
TEC10E60TPM60High surface area carbon
TEC10E70TPM70High surface area carbon

Standard Pt/Ru Catalyst

Product namePtRu content (wt%)Molar ratio (Pt:Ru)Carbon support
TEC66E50501:1High surface
area carbon
TEC61E54541:1.5High surface 
area carbon
TEC62E58581:2High surface 
area carbon

* Orders also accepted for non-standard platinum content, carbon support and alloy catalysts
* VULCAN® is registered trademark of Cabot Corporation.


Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, direct methanol fuel cells, gas diffusion electrodes, gas sensors, etc.

Principle and Composition of Fuel Cells
Platinum Catalyst (TEM image)
Performance of Platinum Catalysts as Cathodes
Anti-Co Poisoning of Pl/Ru Catalysts, as Anodes

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