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Copper Bonding Wire

CA-1, CLR-1A, CFB-1, TCA1, TCB1, TPCW, TOCW Types


  • Enables a reduction in costs with a lower material cost than gold bonding wires 
  • CA-1: Cu alloy wire with excellent reliability and stitch bondability 
  • CLR-1A: High performance precious metal coated Cu wire 
  • CFB-1: Bare Cu wire with stable stitch bondability 
  • TCA1: Good ball roundness of bare Cu wire 
  • TCB1: Soft bare Cu wire with high electric conductivity 


  • φ20μm~φ70μm 

Comparison of Properties of Gold and Copper

Copper has excellent properties as a conductor.

Physical PropertiesAuCu
Resistivity:[µΩ · cm]2.31.7
Thermal conductivity:[W/m · K]320398
Young's modulus:[GPa]80135

Cross-sectional Structure of the First Bonding Portion after a High Temperature Storage Test

  • Voids due to Al intermetallic diffusion are unlikely to form.

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