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Bumping Wires

Our bumping wire enables the formation of uniform and homogeneous bumps.

Our bumping wires are available with bump formation methods for increasingly smaller, thinner, and higher-density electronics packaging. Bumps can be formed on semiconductor devices, such as ICs and LSIs, and other microelectronic devices at a lower cost and with fewer irregularities.


  • Bumps can be formed with a minimum variance in neck height 
  • Bumps can be formed with a minimum variance in shape 
  • Suitable for small-volume production

Au Alloy Bumping Wire

GBC Type


  • In the high temperature storage test (200°C), the shear strength after bump formation, decreases less than other bumping wires (GBC)

Au Bumping Wire

GBE Type


  • Chips are not damaged during bump formation 
Neck Height
Bump Shape

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