Contact Materials & Bonding Wire

Microprofile Tapes

Our microprofile tapes enable the miniaturization of relays and switches at a low cost.

Fine contact tapes for use with signal control components (relays, switches etc.) in electronic devices. We employ our unique precision bonding techniques to offer multilayer contacts available with a wide range of electric loads, from minute electric current to several amperes.


  • Reduced size of relays and switches. 
  • Multilayer tapes with excellent bonding strength. 
  • Various combinations of materials with different properties are available. 
  • Multilayer tapes with cadmium-free silver oxides are available
    (For contact materials, see Electrical Contact Materials)

Various contact materials and shapes are available to suit a variety of applications. For materials, shapes, and dimensions, please contact us for further details.


Relays and switches for automotive use, home electronics, and industrial use, magnet switches, breakers, etc.

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