Contact Materials & Bonding Wire

Precious Metal Spring Contacts

Our precious metal spring contacts are available in fine patterns, which contributes to product miniaturization. 

Multi-wire brush contacts have a multi-point contact structure which consists of fine wires in parallel bunches and provides high contact reliability. Multi-wire brush contacts can reliably read electrical signals from fine patterned circuits, thereby miniaturizing the product size. Scratch brush contacts, in combination with clad materials (see Precious Metal Clad Materials), use high-performance precious metal contact materials only in limited areas. There are various contact materials available with a high cost performance to suit various applications. Various types of brush contacts are available in multiple contact shapes, from cost-effective standard products to advanced customized products. 

Multi-wire Brush Contact


  • Sliding system with high contact reliability 
  • Spring materials for low torque operation 
  • Use of spring materials gives stable contact force 
  • Can be made smaller than other contact systems 
Diameter of wire (mm)Number of wires
Φ0.05~Φ0.303 to 28

Scratch Brush Contact


  • Prolongs service life, and reduces size and weight 
  • Excellent cost performance 
  • Available as not only spring contacts but also other various types of contacts 
Plate thickness (mm)Brush width (mm)Number of contact points


Potentiometers, trimmers, encoders, sensors for automotive use (throttle sensors, pedal sensors, vehicle height sensors, and sensors for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems), etc.

Composition (wt%)Density (g/cm3)Melting point (°C)Specific resistance (µm·cm)Young's modulus (GPa)Vickers hardnessTensile Strength (MPa)
SP-110103035Cu, Zn11.91,09831.6119265~3101,160~1,440
SP-257010-Cu, Ni15.595513.3112235~2901,050~1,400

For other materials, please contact us for further details.

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