Contact Materials & Bonding Wire

Rivet Contacts

We offer rivet contacts of various materials and shapes to suit every need.

Rivet contacts are widely used for various applications from low current fields such as communications equipment to electric power equipment with high cutoff currents. With our own developed header machine, dimensional accuracy has been improved to meet a variety of needs.


  • Various types of rivet contacts are available (combination of different shapes and materials). 
  • Through advanced surface treatment technology, we can provide suitable materials with superior dimensional deviation control and stable contact resistance. 


1. Solid type
Commonly used solid contacts of a same composition

2. TCC type (single-side bonded clad contact)
A contact material is bonded only on the head of the composite contacts to save costs HITACT shape with a reduced amount of precious metals used

3. Double TCC type (double-side bonded clad contact)
A contact material is bonded on both the head and leg of the clad contacts and the middle part is made of Cu or Cu alloy

4. Tubular type (contact with a hollow leg)
This type is frequently used where a rivet contact is crimped to a fragile base material, such as Bakelite. This can be processed into a solid type or TCC type contacts.

5. Button type
Contacts assembled on spring material or bimetal base by welding

Excellent surface-processing technology

  • Development of unique surface-processing technology that suits the type of material 
  • Surface-processing polishing technology with small dimensional variations 
  • Stable contact resistance in contrast to conventional surface-processing

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