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Precious Metals for Brazing Filler Metals

We offer brazing filler metals of various alloys and shapes to suit your applications.

An array of compositions and shapes are available to suit various brazing requirements. Our brazing filler metals exhibit high bondability in metal-to-metal bonding and are most suitable for sealing and attaching components.


  • Brazing alloys with varying melting points are available that suit each application 
  • Available in tape, formed shapes, wire, powder and paste depending on the application

Low Temperature BFM

Our low temperature brazing filler metals enable brazing in a lower temperature range (under 600°C ).


Product nameComponentMelting point(°C)Form
LT-1AgCuSn seriesApprox. 520°CPowder/sintering pre-forms/paste
LT-2AgCuIn seriesApprox. 580°CPowder/sintering pre-forms/paste

*A reduction atmosphere (such as H2-containing gas) is required for brazing.

Suitable Field

Low temperature brazing that require less bonding strength (step brazing) 


Electrical devices, jewelry/craftwork, aerospace equipment, industrial machinery, etc.

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