Joining Technology

Sheets, Wires, Tubes and Powders

Precious Metals processed wider, thinner, longer and finer.

With our processing technology, we can supply various sheets and wires that take advantage of the characteristic of precious metals so they can be rolled into wide, thin, long, and fine sheets. In addition, upon a customer's request, we can supply conductive paste, submicron powder for use as catalysts etc. and millimeter-sized precious metal powder for powder metallurgy etc. with various production methods, such as wet and dry methods.

Sheets, Wires, and Tubes


  • Various sizes
  • Various alloys
  • small to large quantities 


Electrical components, semiconductor devices, ornaments, etc.



  • Various powders can be produced by the most suitable methods to suit various applications and specifications 
  • Enhanced quality with uniformly dispersible grains 
  • Available in the grain size which best suits each application


Gold, silver, platinum group metals, and their alloys

Production Methods

Atomization, wet reduction, electrolysis, mechanical processing, etc.


Conductive pastes, conductive materials, photosensitive materials, magnetic materials, electromagnetic shield, special paints, catalysts, synthesized compounds, anti-bacterial materials, electrode materials, electric contact materials, powder metallurgy, etc.

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