Medical Uses

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

Precious metals contribute greatly to the pharmaceutical field.

Precious metals and platinum compounds can act as anti-cancer agents. Platinum compounds are attracting great attention particularly in the field of cancer treatment, which is considered a difficult field of modern medicine.

*Precious metal compounds and synthesizing techniques have a high potential of contributing to medical treatments. For example, oxaliplatin, a precious metal, is used in the field of cancer treatment.

Tanaka Precious Metals’ Medical Core Competence

  • Licensed as a pharmaceutical manufacturer 
  • Quality assurance in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) 
  • Validation (especially for methods, cleaning, and development) 
  • FDA inspected, compliant with cGMP 
  • Manufacturing purified water 
  • Manufacturing, marketing and exporting (to 106 countries in the world) of active pharmaceutical ingredient for cancer treatment 
  • Listed in European Pharmacopoeia

European Pharmacopoeia

Molecular Structure Model of Platinum Compound for Cancer Treatment (Oxaliplatin)

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