Thin & Thick Film Metallization

Sputtering Targets (Sintering Method)

Our sintering technology meets our customer's expectations

Targets for Magnetic Recording Media

Precious metal thin film materials manufactured with our sintering technology are highly regarded in the electronics industry, particularly in the semiconductor and magnetic disk industries. Our company manufactures extremely high-grade sputtering targets containing oxides for high-quality recording media by utilizing a unique manufacturing method that enables oxides to be finely and uniformly distributed throughout the magnetic materials.


  • Targets with finely and uniformly distributed oxides have fewer particles which enables stable sputtering.
  • The alloy composition and added oxides have become more complicated than before because of increased hard disk capacity. With our technology, it is possible to manufacture targets that fit such technical trends. In addition, it is possible to offer a wide  range of targets according to customer applications, from prototypes to mass-produced products. 
  • We provide comprehensive support for sputtering processes, including recovery and recycling of scrap and recovery of precious metals on parts.


CoCrPt-SiO299.9%Perpendicular magnetic recording films
CoCrPt-TiO299.9%Perpendicular magnetic recording films
CoCrPt-Cr2O399.9%Perpendicular magnetic recording films
Magnetic materials containing composite oxides99.9%Perpendicular magnetic recording films
FePt-Oxides etc.99.9%Next generation perpendicular magnetic recording films

The alloy compositions in this table are typical examples. For other alloy compositions and added oxides, please contact us for further details.


Recording films for hard disk media (granular media)
Example of oxides dispersed in the CoCrPt-SiO2 target
(Black dots: SiO2, matrix: uniformly distributed CoCrPt alloy) 

Targets for Next-generation Nonvolatile Memory

Precious metal thin film materials manufactured with our outstanding melting, sintering, and recycling technologies are widely used in the field of semiconductors. This is especially true in the field of MRAM (Magnetic Random Access Memory), which is attracting attention as a next-generation high-speed, high-capacity memory, and we manufacture high-quality iron-platinum alloy targets by applying our production technology developed for targets for magnetic recording media.


Our targets manufactured by degassing with vacuum melting and using rapidly-solidified fine powder have highly homogeneous composition distribution, providing higher performance with reduced particles.

  • Vacuum melting technology has enabled the reduction of residual oxygen.
  • High purity (99.99% or more), high density (relative density: 95% or more), and extremely uniform composition distribution.
  • We are ready to meet a variety of requests, such as the addition of ternary or quaternary alloys, and various oxides. 


FePt99.99%Magnetic films for MRAM, magnetic heads, and magnetic sensors
CoPt99.99%Magnetic films for MRAM, magnetic heads, and magnetic sensors

For other alloy compositions, please contact us for further details. 


Magnetic films for MRAM, magnetic heads, and magnetic sensors
Uniformity of Pt distribution in the Fe-Pt alloy target
(Fluorescent X-ray analysis) 

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